SIS8325 MTCA.4 Digitizer

10 Channel 250 MS/s 16-bit With Fast Feedback DACs

Based on the SIS8300 which was developed in co-operation with DESY under ZIM Förderkennzeichen 2460101MS9

The SIS8325 doubles the sampling speed of the SIS8300-L MTCA.4 digitizer card. One of the benefits is lower latency for feedback implementations due to higher clock speed.

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SIS8325 photograph

Central Design Parameters

  • MTCA.4
  • 4 lane PCI Express Connectivity
  • 10 Channels 250 MS/s 16-bit ADC
  • 10 MS/s to 250 MS/s Per Channel Sampling Speed
  • AC and DC Input Stage
  • Internal, Front Panel, RTM and Backplane Clock Sources
  • Two 16-bit DACs for Fast Feedback Implementation
  • High Precision Clock Distribution Circuitry
  • Programmable Delay of Dual Channel Digitizer Groups
  • Gigabit Link Port Implemenation to Backplane
  • Twin SFP Card Cage for High Speed System Interconnects
  • Virtex-6 FPGA
  • One GSample Memory (flexible partitioning scheme)
  • In Field Firmware Upgrade Support
  • Note: DESY MMC1.0 licensed under LV91 vertical bar