SIS8300-KU Firmware page

SIS8300-KU Generic Firmware Revision Table
Design Name Major Revision # Minor Revision # Description MCS File
SIS8303 10 02 Current for use w. SIS8900, firmware upgrade over PCIe added V1002
SIS8303 20 02 For use w. DWC, firmware upgrade over PCIe added V2002
SIS8303 20 04 Current for use w. DWC V2004
SIS8303 10 10 Current AXI based for use w. SIS8900 V1010
SIS8303 20 10 Current AXI based for use w. DWC V2010
SIS8300-KU Firmware Revision Table

Support for user firmware developments is available in two different flavors. The original approach is a port of the former SIS8300-x ISE macro firmware package to allow for migration from earlier versions to the Kintex Ultrascale unit with minimum design changes. The second -more AXI interface based- approach was mainly driven by Lund University and applications at the ESS. A block diagram of that implementation can be found below. The muBlaze startup controller allows for configuration of the SIS8300-KU (including an attached RTM like a DWC8VM1 for example) without interaction of the crate coontroller.

SIS8300-KU AXI FW Block Diagram

A Poster on “The ESS FPGA Framework and its Application on the ESS LLRF System” was presented during the 2017 LLRF Workshop in Barcelona.

The PDF of the Poster can be accessed here.