Inline Seam Control (ISC)

Activity to be discontinued end of 2020

Our ISC activities will be discontinued by the end of 2020 amid low customer interest in the system.

Billions of cans checked...

The inline seam control (ISC) system is designed to control the seam quality in canning facilities. It uses the analog signal from load cells measuring the force during the second operation of the seaming process. The system detects seaming problems at the typical maximum food production speed of 20 cans per second with the systems computing power being sufficient for high speed beverage canning as well. It provides an efficient method to detect problems like lid in the seamer, pillar/letter box and product in between of lid and can. A kicker signal for faulty cans is generated, an optional tracking/rejection system is available on request. Depending on the product related main problem cause return of investment can be typically achieved within 6 month of production

[download ISC Flyer]

ISC provides efficient means to detect and reject cans with the following defect classes:

  • Product inclusion (Droop, Vee)
  • Cut down flange
  • Double end/no end
  • Knocked down curl/end
  • Knocked down flange
  • In addition following machine settings and problems are recognised:

  • Broken chuck
  • Metal on chuck
  • Too tight or loose
  • The complete system consists of a modified cam with load cells and the ISC mother board interfaced to a touch screen panel PC. A graphical user interface allows the user to control and parametrise the system.

    Recent installations comprise full can tracking in conjunction with pneumatic pushers without the need for additional external PLC hardware.

    Find below the photograph of an ejected can with a seaming error caused by product inclusion.

    Can with product inclusion

    Find below the photograph of a rejected can with a knock down seaming error.

    Can with seaming error

    A sketch of the system setup is shown below

    ISC setup

    The stainless steel ISC cabinet with the touch panel PC is shown below.

    ISC cabinet