SIS3150 Dual TIGERSHARC twin CMC carrier with VME master/slave

The SIS3150 was developed as dual CMC carrier with substantial on board computing power for data movement/processing.

Applications comprise processing of data from SIS9300 ADC/digitizer cards and the SIS3150-USB VME to USB2.0 interface.

Custom CMC add on developments are available on request.

Photograph of SIS3150

SIS3150 photo


red ball


red ball

VME master A16/A24/A32/A40 D8/D16/D32/BLT32/MBLT64/2eVME

red ball

VME slave A32/D32/BLT32/MBLT64/2eVME

red ball

64 MB SDRAM memory

red ball

2 CMC sites

red ball

P2 access to lower CMC site

SIS3150 Block Diagram

SIS3150 block digram GIF

Higher resolution JPEG version

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