SIS3805 32 Channel 48-bit 200 MHz multi channel Scaler/Counter

The SIS3805 is the high end multiscaler implementation on the base of the SIS360x/38xx base board. It combines high packing density with a fast counting rate and an extended channel depth. The basic properties of the unit are the same as for the SIS3801, the minimum achievable dwell time is bigger by a factor of two, as two longwords have to be copied to the output FIFO per scaler channel.

Two 48-bit non clearing multiscaler designs (two bank style and latch shadow register style) were implemented as firmware versions, the SIS3805 can also be used with the standard SIS3801 designs (but not vice versa).

The unit looks exactly like the SIS3800 flat or SIS3800 LEMO units

Last update 8.12.98 by Matthias Kirsch