SIS3803 16 Channel 32-bit 200 MHz Scaler/Counter

The SIS3803 is a stripped version of the SIS3800 counter board. It is designed with small channel count experiments in mind. The control input section is identical to the SIS3800, the sixteen counter inputs are fed into the unit via a 34 pin header (ECL and flat cable TTL version) or via 16 LEMO connectors (NIM and LEMO TTL version) in the lower portion of the board. Photograph of LEMO Version. The SIS3803 flat cable version looks like the SIS3810 flat cable version..

The inline NIM LEMO version with all connectors in one row for ease of access (see photograph) is available now, a combined LEMO (NIM or TTL) control/flat cable (ECL/TTL) version is available on request also.

Last update 16.12.99 by Matthias Kirsch