SIS1104 4-Lane PCI Express Quad Optical Link Card

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Multiple lane PCI Express cards allow for the implementation of data acquisition hardware with unprecedented performance. The SIS1104 was developed for the readout of data streams from pn-CCD pixel detectors at state of the art X-ray sources like the DESY FLASH. One of the key requirements is loss free high sustained data throughput.

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SIS1104 photograph


  • 4-lane PCI Express
  • Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGA based
  • four 1/2/4 GBit/s SFF link media
  • 640 MByte/s sustained throughput with LINUX driver
  • 2 GByte buffer memory option
  • In field firmware upgrade capability
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    The SIS1104 was developed under contract for the Halbleiterlabor of the Max Planck Gesellschaft.