SIS 1100-OPT Gigabit CMC

The SIS1100-OPT is a Gigabit CMC (Common Mezzanine Card, IEEE P1386 draft).


Connector pinout and protocol/timings will be made available to prospective designers of carrier boards (like detector mounted front end cards e.g.) making use of the SIS1100-OPT. The SIS1100-CMC/SIS1100-CMC combination can be used as a receiver card for such designs.

Status: shipping


red ball

Optical small form factor link medium with LC connector

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up to 450 m link distance

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protocol FPGA

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serial configuration EEPROM

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36-bit interface

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Front panel LED's on SIS1100-OPT

A (access) L (link up)
LU (link data up) LD (link data down)
U (user) spare

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PCB LED's on SIS1100-OPT

valid data valid KChar
idle detect resync
lossync norun error
band error dispar error

I/O option

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2 TTL LEMO inputs

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2 TTL LEMO outputs

Photograph of SIS1100-OPT component side

SIS1100 Photograph

The development of the SIS PCI-VME interface is a collaborative effort of the ZEL department of the research center Juelich and SIS GmbH.

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